Welcome! Eureka Street Learning is all about new paths to learning. So we’re especially excited to bring Shakespeare’s Heartbeat to Northern California. Based on the Hunter Heartbeat Method, the program uses the heartbeat rhythm of Shakespeare’s words as a tool for people with autism.

For the neuroatypical, connecting with others can be a challenge. Eye contact, expressing emotion, reading body language, and spatial awareness make social interaction difficult. Eureka Street Learning has found that theater arts are an excellent method for developing responses to these life challenges.

It was a real gift to discover Shakespeare’s Heartbeat. Developed by Kelly Hunter of the Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare’s Heartbeat uses the rhythm of iambic pentameter and physicality of Shakespeare’s characters to improve communication and life skills.

Our recent workshop at Guiding Hands School was a tremendous success. Here are some highlights.

<<video to come>>

We’re joining with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival

Eureka Street Learning is honored to be working with the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival to present Shakespeare’s Heartbeat workshops in the Bay Area. To stay informed about upcoming workshops, please join our email list.

Thanks, Center for Living History!

Shakespeare’s words live on through the generations because they’re universal! Eureka Street Learning would like to thank the Center for Living History for helping us prove this. Their recent grant to help establish Shakespeare’s Heartbeat in Northern California is much appreciated. We thank them for their confidence and support.

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